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For 28 years, arcenciel has acted with and for all people with difficulties for the sustainable development of society. With its 7 programs already implemented, arcenciel is getting more involved by developing additional projects such as ecotourism at the ecolodge in Tanaïl along with its traditional Lebanese restaurant “al khan al makssoud”, St-Michel youth hostel and Beit el Hana guesthouse in Maaser el Chouf. Since 2009 arcenciel has taken in charge the management of the Jesuit Fathers domain in Tanaïl by developing and operating a farm of 216 acres at the entrance of the Bekaa.
arcenciel acts within the spirit of sustainable continuity through the launching of “Wataneh” cooperative and the marketing of agricultural products to farmers and owners of small and medium-sized food production units, the environmental program with its pilot project “tumbling caps”, the sorting and collection of infectious medical waste, and the brocante store at arcenciel center in Damour. Not to mention the Cirqu’enciel initiative launched in 2001, involving the circus troop and the circus school, which started in tandem with the youth program to perform circus shows in several institutions throughout Lebanon. our latest addition to the arcenciel group is the sister NGO himaya dedicated in creating awareness on child abuse in Lebanon  


a case study by arcenciel 

The article written by arcenciel's team [environment program] pertaining to the activities of recyclable management is finally published! « solidarity-based network for recyclable waste management in Lebanon : a case study » is published in the International Journal for Small and Medium Entreprises (volume 3, page 27), ISSN :2278-3164Bravo! 

OCHA, FPSC & arcenciel

United Nations, OCHA, FPSC and arcenciel are uniting efforts to help injured Syrian refugees with assistive devices and psychosocial support.

arcenciel & emergencies

arcenciel was established in a time of emergency to respond to the needs created by the civil war in the years 1984 -1985. Therefore, before inscribing its logic in the participation of sustainable development through its support of marginalized people, arcenciel took off with its logic of adaption facing an emergency environment.