6 Ways to Lose Weight During Fasting


Ramadan is not only the right month to add to religious deeds but also to improve health. One of the things you can do in the month of Ramadan is to lose weight.

actually the principle of losing weight in the month of Ramadan or any other month is actually the same.

It is true that the month of fasting is in addition to the month of worship but also the opportunity to lose weight in order to achieve the ideal with a regular diet and not overdoing it during fasting. If you want maximum results then consume Meticore, Meticore has been tried by many people and proven, if you want to try click meticore

body weight is actually influenced by more than 70 percent of the food that enters the body. For those of you who intend to lose weight by fasting in the month of Ramadan, there are a number of tips that you can follow.

1. Avoid Sweet Foods or Excess Sugar

When breaking the fast we may consume sweet foods or drinks. However, this is only to make it easier for the body to digest incoming intake so that energy is produced more quickly

2. Avoid Excessive Consumption of Fried Food at Sahur and Iftar Times

Fried contains oil and carbohydrates so that it will settle in the body adding to fat deposits. Adjust the portion of the meal by using a smaller plate so that it will fill quickly and encourage us not to take too much food portions.

In addition, do suhoor when approaching the Imsak and start eating heavily to break the fast after tarawih prayer. With this regular pattern, you will get used to feeling full with a reasonable portion.

3. Increase the consumption of fiber foods

Try to stick to fruit and vegetables and protein that make up half of your meal. So that it makes a sense of full longer.

4. Increase the consumption of water

During the fasting month, keep consuming at least eight glasses per day. You can use the 2-4-2 formula, which means two glasses at dawn, two glasses when breaking the fast, two glasses after Tarawih, and 2 glasses before bed.

5. Get enough sleep

Make sure you still get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep a day. It can be added with one hour of rest during the day because lack of sleep also increases levels of the hormone ghrelin which causes appetite to increase so that when it’s time to break fast we can get crazy and eat too much.

6. Exercise Routine

Exercise can still be done during fasting. Take 30-60 minutes before breaking the fast to increase fat burning in the body.