Brushing Bleeding Must Make up For Vitamin C

Very few individuals will think gum bleeds is very large problem, Gargle doesn’t solve?

But experts emphasized that healthy gum is just not easily hemorrhage, if brush your teeth regularly bleeding, then have to be gum carries a problem, absolutely can’t negligence. Experts think, ‘we talk and eating, easy to make gum long rubbing, together with function and oral bacteria teeth calculus, dental local unclean factors the stimulus, could make the gums bleeding.

For a long time, still may become periodontal disease. Then, after a bacteria after swelling burst, the capillary could trigger cardiopulmonary, nose pharynx, head facial and blood, reproductive : disease.

Moreover, those be worth to remind is, if the gums bleeding tough to stop words, could possibly be systemic disease symptoms or specific performance started. Such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, other diseases. Accordingly, too suddenly without reason gums bleeding should be attentive to hospital as soon as possible, the most effective.

So, how to prevent and answer bleeding gums it? Experts think that good oral cleanliness habits could be the first step, it is recommended to develop early and brush your teeth prior to going to bed each and every time 3 minutes, the good habit of gargling after meals. The best using relatively soft toothbrush, brush your teeth while using level of tremor law. The brush for the teeth, brush the head of hair up, brush the low teeth, the toothbrush hair is down, brush the gums oblique angle of 45 degrees, the amount of tremor for each site 6-8 times. In order to better clean teeth, especially for a gum inflammation of patients which has a dental floss daily, had better eat less solid food,and complement more vitamin C, to be able to lessen the risk and avoid gum damage on account of insufficient vitamin C cause systemic hemorrhage (scurvy) occurs.

“When gum too timely after bleeding mouth clean or regular teeth cleaning, to take out bacteria growth breeding environment. Can use first soft paper or possibly a swab remove blood, then use water gargle, again completely take away the tartar plaque; inappropriate filling or implant and food embedded plug the stimulation such as factors.” Experts point out that as a result of gingivitis, periodontitis mainly a result of chlamydia of chlorine tired, hence the obvious inflammation of the patients, but also the usage of antibiotics to manipulate infection, elimination of local inflammation.

For you’ve got a healthy body, please look closely at protect your teeth!