Still Afraid Your Diet Failed? Do This Habit At Home

For those of you who have problems with being overweight, of course, you will do various ways so that fat in the body can be reduced. Maybe you have done the way many people do, namely dieting. Diet is indeed quite effective for losing excess weight, but if you are already on a diet but it’s still not fruitful, you can do other ways. Is there a way to shrink the stomach without having to diet? Of course, there is a better way than the diet that usually tortures you. Here are some habits at home that you can do to replace a failed diet.


One way to realize a weight loss program you have to cook the dishes yourself. By cooking yourself, you know and know the composition very well. Start with the habit of cooking food with a little oil. Avoid consuming too many calories. Your diet should include foods that burn fat, for example, apples, citrus fruits, peppers, nuts, cinnamon, cucumbers, ginger, asparagus, and tomatoes.


Apart from healthy foods that are included in the diet program, what is no less important is the time and frequency. Eating a large number of foods at any one time is a major factor in excess fat. Eating a lot at one time can fail fat to become energy so that it accumulates in the body. To avoid this, you can eat small portions of food or take weight loss supplements from Meticore to lose weight. For those of you who want to buy this Supplement, you can read the positive meticore review from consumers at


Talking about exercise as a way to reduce belly fat, you just need to do moderate physical activity for about 45-50 minutes, 4-6 times a week, which is quite effective in removing fat from the stomach. The more time you spend on CARDIO (such as brisk walking, cycling, walking, jogging, etc.) and aerobic exercise, the faster you will lose belly fat.

Try to take the time to swim, in addition to burning calories fast it is also good at relieving stress. What must be considered is that you must be consistent and must not skip light exercise 4-6 times a week. Do it even if it’s only 5 minutes! You can also increase the duration and intensity of these exercises gradually, to increase stamina. Do 5-10 minutes of warm-up before starting exercise.


Do you go to work by car? riding a motorcycle? If so, then spend 1-2 days leaving your motorcycle. Use public transportation (bus, train, public transportation, or even cycling) so that the accumulated fat breaks down into energy. Take the stairs in the office instead of taking the elevator. Do as much walking activity as you can. Also, you have to change the habit of overeating at night or when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Try to enjoy dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed. Indirect lifestyle changes are one of the ways to reduce your stomach that you have to do. Quit smoking and avoid taking too much medication. Leave all the things that cause hormonal imbalance and obesity.