Tips to lose weight by Consume these 5 foods!

Egg whites

You can put chicken eggs on the list of low-fat foods. However, not all parts of this egg are good for consumption in large quantities. Egg white is low in calories, which is only 71 calories per egg.

Egg whites are rich in folate and selenium and calcium. Folate is needed by pregnant women for the development of the baby’s brain. Selenium in egg whites is an antioxidant that is good for the eyes and skin. Besides that, it can build muscle mass and can repair body cells.

Consuming dietary supplements

Taking supplements can provide its own benefits. However, this only applies if you prepare everything properly, for example, you have consulted a doctor and know the origin of the supplements you are taking. But now there are many safe diet supplements, one of which is leptoconnect.

Tofu Sutra

Tofu is certainly not a foreign food in Indonesia. Easy to get and can be processed into various dishes. You can also use tofu as a low-fat diet menu. The type of tofu that is allowed is silk tofu. This tofu is white with a super fine texture.

Silk tofu has not been through the process of squeezing water. This makes the calorie content lower than other tofu. In 3 ounces of soybeans contains 31 calories. Made from soybeans, of course, tofu is rich in vegetable protein. There are also isoflavones that can prevent cancer and calcium and iron which are beneficial for the body.


As a source of vegetable protein, nuts can be used as a low-fat diet menu. You can choose from soybeans to red beans or peas.

Food products in the form of nuts contain high amounts of fiber. Of course, this high fiber can clean the digestive tract. Your energy needs will also be met by eating enough nuts. Nuts contain protein and fat, which is 90 percent of monounsaturated or healthy fats.

Ideally, just consume it in small amounts to meet your daily needs. Do not consume too much because nuts are also one of the high calorie foods.

Pop Corn

Who would have thought this snack called pop corn was good for a low-fat diet menu. These foods have less fat, you know. Pop corn is good is without oil or various seasonings, yes. One serving of popcorn turns out to contain 93 calories which can be used as a healthy snack, you know.

You can consume pop corn to improve the digestive system because pop corn is rich in fiber. In addition, pop corn is also good for preventing cancer because of the polyphenol content in it. Pop corn can also control your cholesterol levels, you know. These foods can stabilize body weight and prevent premature aging as well because there are high levels of antioxidants.